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Students on the Hifz course embark on the noble task of committing the whole Qur’an to memory. They undergo a rigorous routine of memorization designed to enable completion within three years. In addition to their daily assessments, regular evaluations take place through 6 weekly examinations. In addition to this, a six-weekly report of the student’s progress is sent to parents.

Emphasis is given to the importance of Tajweed (Phonetics of the Qur’an) and rules of recitation. The Hafiz (one who memorises the whole Qur’an) has historically played a key role in the preservation of the Qur’an, and continues to do so today.

We at Darul Uloom Bolton, have many experienced teachers to maintain the high standards that we expect of ourselves. We have a unique structure in the Hifz course promoting excellence and high standards between students.

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