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Al Jamiatul Islamiyah, Bolton Darul Uloom, Willows Lane, BL3 4HF

Office opening times are:

Monday to Friday: 9:00am – 2:30pm

Saturday: 9:ooam – 12:15pm

Sundays: closed


Parent/guardians can contact the Darul Uloom out of hours only on in case of an emergency. 

07703 554272

Contact Details

wdt_ID Contact Email
1 Muhtamim– M. Suhail Manya
2 School Headteacher - Mr Ismail Kala
3 Designated Safeguarding Lead - M.Moosa Sidat
4 Admin (General Enquiries)
5 Admissions
6 Social Welfare Manager Senior Floor - Mufti Dilwar
7 Socail Welfare Manager Junior Floor Mufti Talha
9 Fees - M. Mohammed R Miah
10 Independent Listener - M. Muhammad Dakri
11 For Trustees details please visit Our Trustees page

Contact Us

For any other Enquiries please contact us using the below form

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