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Welcome to Al-Jamiatul Islamiyah

The Senior Leadership Team Address,

السلام   عليكم  ورحمة  الله   وبركاته

By visiting our website you are paying a virtual visit to us in very exciting times. We are embarking on our journey as a specialist Islamic independent educational institute to produce individuals that are “spiritually enhanced and educationally advanced”. This motto allows us to remain at the forefront of improvement to become an institution that produces exemplary individuals, positively charged to contribute back to society a much needed charge of constructive energy. We are devoted to provide a fully enriched education and to identify and nurture each student’s gifts and talents.

Our Islamic faith based education system enables us to strengthen our position as an education provider in the heart of the Muslim community. Learning and faith is at the centre of all that we do, focusing on our pupils as young Muslims and the future of the Muslim community in Britain. We recognise that while high academic standards are important, broader learning skills, good character and Islamic upbringings are essential tools we will endeavour to equip our students with for life beyond school. The trustees, staff and project teams work tirelessly to continue providing a safe, attractive, modern and secure environment in which our pupils and staff are stimulated and motivated to give their best. The true quality of an institution is evidenced neither in the actual building nor through its prospectus or website but is witnessed through its ethos and through witnessing the development of these individuals from young children to young men and leaders of tomorrow.

We value and honour our triangular relationship, the strongest of all shapes, where “real” partnerships between students, teachers and parents is maintained and cherished to celebrate the culture of high aspirations with the horizon being the limit. Our institution not only has a reputation for spiritual excellence but is renowned for being a place where every effort is made towards genuine development. In this sense we remain true to the aims of Islamic education and help our students grow in acceptance of their true selves. By doing this we can face the future with great confidence, ready to rise to whatever challenges we are destined to face in educational development. Our prospectus and website will provide you with some sense of what we are about and encourage you to pay a “real” visit to our Darul Uloom.



The Senior Leadership Team

Get a closer look at Al-Jamiatul Islamiyah

Visiting us is the best way to see if Al-Jamiatul Islamiyah is the right choice for you. At your visit, you will be able to: Find out about your chosen subject, meet course tutors and current students. You can take a look at our facilities and browse the common areas! 


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Al Jamiatul Islamiyyah, Willows Lane, Bolton, BL3 4HF

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